Walking School Bus Program

Creating safe routes to school – The Walking School Bus Program

The Walking School Bus is a program that provides a safe, consistent way in which children can walk to school as a group under the supervision of trained adults. It also encourages an easy and important form of exercise on their way to school…walking!

  • Each route is designed with your child’s safety in mind.
  • Walk Stops (meeting points) are close to your home (sometimes right at your door).
  • Trained drivers walk children to school (background checks and trainings for volunteers are completed prior to program’s start).
  • Children learn and practice traffic safety skills along the route and are dropped off at the school door.
  • Routes are one mile in length. If families live farther away, students may meet the group along the route.

It’s easy and convenient!WalkSchoolBus

Volunteer Registration

  • Volunteers are needed to lead the students to school along the Walking School Bus routes.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to assist as least two mornings per week.
  • Volunteers will be responsible for checking in with school liaisons regarding route issues, attendance, etc. each morning.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to make the routes educational and fun by thinking up creative games and activities to play along the routes.
  • Volunteers must pass criminal background checks conducted by the Health Department.
  • CLICK HERE! to register to volunteer for the Walking School Bus!
    • Volunteer training will be held on March 26th at 5PM at the Health Department.


Student Registration

  • Students must be enrolled at one of the participating elementary schools.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign up each student to participate in the program.Walking School bus
  • Parents/Guardians should make an effort to contact the route leader to let them know when their child(ren) will not be using the walking school bus program (illness, vacation, etc.).
  • Students will walk up to 1 mile on the route. (If your child has a disability limiting their ability to walk to school, please contact the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health, so we can accommodate your child’s needs.
  • CLICK HERE! to register your student for the Walking School Bus!



2018-2019 Participating Schools and Routes

  • Harding Elementary – Mason City TBD
  • Roosevelt Elementary – Mason City TBD
  • Hoover Elementary – Mason City TBD
  • Jefferson Elementary – Mason City TBD


Program Sessions

  • Spring Session – begins April 1, 2019