Nuisances & County Health Complaints | Cerro Gordo

Nuisances & County Health Complaints

The Department is responsible for investigating health nuisances that range from the storage, collection, accumulation, discharge or depositing of filth, refuse, weeds, junk, combustibles in any place or on any property to discharge or depositing of liquid waste, domestic sewage, filth or dead animals or other pollutants into any stream, river, lake, channel or other body of water to unsafe building conducive to breeding, harboring or sheltering flies, rats, mice, or cockroaches. Additional responsibilities include investigating nuisances capable of allurement which may prove detrimental to life, health, or safety whether in a building, on the premise of a building or any building that is a menace to the public health, welfare or safety, or that is structurally unsafe to the exposure of any person to any infections or communicable disease or condition by any act of practice.


The Nuisance Complaint Program requirements are covered under the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health Nuisance Ordinance. Nuisance and authority for enforcement is delegated to Local Boards of Health, Section 137.6 – Powers of Local Boards of Health.


To report a nuisance complaint, please call our Environmental Health staff at 641-421-9300.