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Manure Management Plans

What is an MMP?

A manure management plan (MMP) is a tool for producers to use when they plan their nutrient placement to optimize crop production. Filling out an MMP helps producers identify the amount of manure being produced, the nutrient concentration in the manure, the number of acres that are required for land application and the amount that will be applied to each available acre. Mid-size and large producers are required by state law to fill out and submit an MMP to the Iowa DNR.

Who Needs a Plan?

Iowa law requires that a manure management plan (MMP) be submitted to the DNR for confinement feeding operations that have an animal unit capacity of more than 500 animal units.

In Cerro Gordo County, the county Planning and Zoning Department and the Department of Public Health review the MMP’s and provide reports outlining potential concerns. The reports are provided to the county Board of Supervisors who then forwards those concerns tothe Iowa DNR.

The MMP’s on this page are for facilities that use fields within Cerro Gordo County to apply manure.


For more information, contact Dan Ries at the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health at 641-421-9300 or John Robbins at the Cerro Gordo County Planning and Zoning Department at 641-421-3075.


More Information:


Manure Management Plans for Cerro Gordo County

(Some of these addresses are in other counties, however their plan includes spreading manure in Cerro Gordo County. Therefore, they are required to submit a plan to our county.)


9517 120th St3378 100th St5422 160th St
11414 160th St23027 160th St24439 Lark Ave
Danville Township2185 Dogwood Ave2230 Finch Ave
2256 Zinnia Ave2424 Eagle Ave2460 290th St
2265 Grouse Ave19165 130th St5823 Olive Ave
6588 140th St8837 190th St8320 140th St
3390 150th St3526 Mallard Ave6221 Finch Ave
2499 Ulmus Ave2245 Heather Ave14382 140th St
16127 180th St11815 130th St2165 275th St
2462 225th St & 2215 Apple Ave15594 180th St8821 170th St
7442 Balsam Ave13484 330th St2359 Finch Ave
3160 Wood Ave19729 170th St3435 Yarrow Ave



2165 Apple Ave

655 220th St

4511 140th St

5121 Olive Ave

9517 120th St

15804 170th St

21692 140th St
655 220th St4511 140th St
5121 Olive Ave9517 120th St15804 170th St
21692 140th St1530 Yale Ave23027 160th St

24439 Lark Ave

Danville Township

11414 160th St

19165 130th St

5422 160th St

2424 Eagle Ave
24439 Lark AveDanville Township11414 160th St
19165 130th St5422 160th St2424 Eagle Ave
7600 300th St8837 190th St

6588 140th St
6588 140th St
2265 Grouse Ave

8320 140th St
8320 140th St6221 Finch Ave

3526 Mallard Ave

16127 180th St

23626 250th St

2303 Cameo Ave
3526 Mallard Ave6221 Finch Ave16127 180th St
23626 250th St14382 140th St

2499 Ulmus Ave

2245 Heather Ave

13484 330th St
2499 Ulmus Ave
2245 Heather Ave13484 330th St980 240th St
15594 180th St19729 170th St3390 150th St Aug 2020
8821 170th St2359 Finch Ave

2661 Balsam Ave
2359 Finch Ave
8603 130th St

10708 Zinnia Ave

23702 130th St

11815 130th St

2450 140th St

3378 100th St

2420 300th St

7442 Balsam Ave

3861 Thrush Ave

3160 Wood Ave

334 250th St

9051 180th St
334 250th St3160 Wood Ave
3861 Thrush Ave7442 Balsam Ave2420 300th St
3378 100th St2450 140th St11815 130th St
23702 130th St10708 Zinnia Ave8603 130th St
21880 150th St

1530 Yale Ave

5121 Olive Ave

15804 170th St
1530 Yale Ave5121 Olive Ave
15804 170th St7442 Balsam Ave9517 120th St
655 220th St21962 140th St779 Cerro Gordo St
7506 300th St4511 140th St



6221 Finch Ave1228 Youngblood Ave
980 240th St1955 Vail Ave
Yarrow Ave Section 2 in Dougherty Township11815 130th St
2462 225th St & 2215 Apple Ave13484 330th St
539 Cerro Gordo St2420 300th St
8821 170th St19729 170th St
15594 180th St7442 Balsam Ave
2412 Thrush Ave2498 180th St
2359 Finch Ave334 250th St
2661 Balsam Ave3378 100th St
3861 Thrush Ave9051 180th St
3435 Yarrow Ave21880-150th St
8603 130th St23702 130th St
10708 Zinnia Ave2165 Apple Ave.pdf new
9517 120th St4511 140th St
21692 140th St

15804 170th St

14753 320th St
655 220th St
15804 170th St779 Cerro Gordo St
21692 140th St11414 160th St
5121 Olive Ave15422 160th St
2424 Eagle Ave489 250th St
2396 Jonquil AveDanville Township
24439 Lark Ave21692 140th St
23027 160th St

8837 190th St

6588 140th St
8837 190th St
23027 160th St11815 130th St

2499 Ulmus Ave

1955 Vail Ave

23626 250th St

2412 Thrush Ave

2420 300th St

3160 Wood Ave

2359 Finch Ave

8821 170th St

7442 Balsam Ave

15594 180th St

539 Cerro Gordo St

19729 170th St

13484 330th St
2499 Ulmus Ave1955 Vail Ave
23626 250th St2412 Thrush Ave
13484 330th St19729 170th St
539 Cerro Gordo St15594 180th St
7442 Balsam Ave8821 170th St
2359 Finch Ave3160 Wood Ave
2420 300th St3378 100th St
3435 Yarrow Ave

334 250th St

2661 Balsam Ave

2145 Finch Ave
3435 Yarrow Ave
334 250th St2661 Balsam Ave
2145 Finch Ave2498 180th St
9051 180th St

3861 Thrush Ave
3861 Thrush Ave
23702 130th St

10708 Zinnia Ave

8603 130th St
10708 Zinnia Ave
8603 130th St



489 250th StYarrow Ave Section 2 in Dougherty Township
539 Cerro Gordo St24939 Lark Ave
655 220th St24439 Lark Ave
1228 Youngblood Ave23702 130th St
2245 Heather Ave21880 150th St
2256 Zinnia Ave21692 140th St
2303 Cameo Ave18423 Balsam Ave
2359 Finch Ave19729 170th St
2396 Jonquil Ave19165 130th St
2412 Thrush Ave16127 180th St
2424 Eagle Ave15804 170th St
2450 140th St15594 180th St
2460 290th St14753 320th St
2499 Ulmus Ave13484 330th St
2661 Balsam Ave11815 130th St
3160 Wood Ave11414 160th St
3378 100th St10708 Zinnia Ave
3390 150th St9517 120th St
3435 Yarrow Ave9051 180th St
3526 Mallard Ave8837 190th St
3861 Thrush Ave8821 170th St
4511 140 St8603 130th St
5823 Olive Ave8320 140th St
5422 160th St7442 Balsam Ave
6221 Finch Ave980 240th St
6588 140th St2165 Apple Ave
2265 Grouse Ave2420 300th St
2462 225th St & 2215 Apple Ave2498 180th St
5121 Olive Ave23626 250th St