Lead Safe Housing Registry (Rental Properties) | Cerro Gordo

Lead Safe Housing Registry (Rental Properties)

The Lead Safe Housing Registry Lists were developed to help agencies and families with young children to locate housing that has been made “lead safe”. The following properties were determined to be lead-safe following their participation in the Cerro Gordo County Lead Hazard Control Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development’s Office of Healthy Homes & Lead Hazard Control. This list does not mean the units listed are vacant or available at this time. If the property contains multiple units (i.e. duplex, triplex), other units at the given property that are not listed here, may not be lead-safe.

“Lead-safe” means that there was no deteriorated lead-based paint, no lead-contaminated dust, and no exposed lead-contaminated soil identified at the time of the lead evaluation. This does not mean the property is “lead-free” as lead-based paint or lead in the soil may remain. On-going lead safety requires the owner to safely maintain paint coatings and soil covering and to use lead-safe work practices in maintaining or repairing the unit. Prospective renters or buyers should check with the owner to see if these practices have been followed.

Cerro Gordo County makes no warranties as to the current condition of the property since the clearance testing date, also known as the “lead-safe date”, listed. Normal deterioration or activities of the owner, tenants, or others may have disturbed lead-based paint and contaminated the unit since the test date.  Please contact us at 641-421-9339 for more information about Cerro Gordo County Lead Hazard Control Program.


AddressCityDwelling TypeBuilding TypeLead-Safe Date 
118 9th St NWMason CityRentalSingle Family4/11/2017
823 S Jackson AveMason CityRentalSingle Family6/15/2017
707 11th St NEMason CityRentalSingle Family8/9/2017
518 N Pennsylvania AveMason CityRentalSingle Family10/25/2017
19 N Georgia AveMason CityRentalDuplex10/12/2017
839 8th St SEMason CityRentalSingle Family11/30/2017
511 9th St NWMason CityRentalSingle Family12/15/2017
317 2nd St NWMason CityRentalSingle Family12/18/2017
616 6th Ct SEMason CityRentalSingle Family3/19/2018
210 1st St SWMason CityRentalSingle Family3/5/2018
949 15th Pl NEMason CityRentalSingle Family5/16/2018
681 13th St SEMason CityRentalSingle Family4/25/2018
18 14th St NEMason CityRentalSingle Family6/18/2018
918 N Monroe PlMason CityRentalSingle Family6/22/2018
1016 N Quincy AveMason CityRentalSingle Family7/25/2018
420 9th St NWMason CityRentalSingle Family6/8/2018
722 N HarrisonMason CityRentalSingle Family6/12/2018
29 1/2 9th St NWMason CityRentalDuplex7/27/2018
229 S Jackson AveMason CityRentalSingle Family8/27/2018
1615 S Massachusetts AveMason CityRentalSingle Family10/22/2018
712 N Madison Ave, Apt 2Mason CityRentalTriplex10/1/2018
21 S Ohio AveMason CityRentalSingle Family9/24/2018
605 Sedan StPlymouthRentalSingle Family10/22/2018
144 6th St SWMason CityRentalSingle Family11/16/2018
719 11th St NWMason CityRentalSingle Family12/19/2018
120 13th Pl NEMason CityRentalSingle Family2/14/2019
144 6th St SWMason CityRentalSingle Family3/25/2019
1415 N Washington AveMason CityRentalSingle Family4/2/2019
213 1/2 1st St NWMason CityRentalDuplex5/31/2019
231 1st St NWMason CityRentalDuplex6/10/2019
1022 Maple DrMason CityRentalDuplex6/28/2019
13 N Monroe AveMason CityRentalSingle Family7/19/2019
208 7th St NE, #3Mason CityRentalTriplex8/21/2019
208 7th St NE, #1Mason CityRentalTriplex8/23/2019
208 7th St NE, #2Mason CityRentalTriplex9/4/2019
109 9th St NEMason CityRentalSingle Family5/22/2020
1136 Maple DrMason CityRentalSingle Family5/20/2020
340 25th St SWMason CityRentalSingle Family5/20/2020
620 8th Ave NClear LakeRentalSingle Family7/10/2020
816 N Monroe AveMason CityRentalSingle Family7/22/2020
103 13th St NEMason CityRentalSingle Family8/13/2020
117 N 14th StClear LakeRentalSingle Family8/21/2020
1021 N Harrison AveMason CityRentalSingle Family10/30/2020
524 3rd St NEMason CityRentalSingle Family11/25/2020
319 14th St SEMason CityRentalSingle Family12/12/2020
641 11th St NWMason CityRentalSingle Family12/23/2020
218 12th St NWMason CityRentalSingle Family1/11/2021
512 14th St NWMason CityRentalSingle Family2/16/2021
314 1st St NWMason CityRentalSingle Family4/30/2021
622 N Federal AveMason CityRentalSingle Family6/8/2021
1514 N Madison AveMason CityRentalSingle Family7/29/2021
915 N Monroe AveMason CityRentalSingle Family8/20/2021
804 S Maryland AveMason CityRentalSingle Family9/20/2021
1412 Main AveClear LakeRentalSingle Family9/23/2021
207 N Monroe AveMason CityRentalSingle Family8/31/2021
323 29th St SWMason CityRentalSingle Family10/21/2021
723 2nd St SWMason CityRentalSingle Family10/29/2021
520 N Massachusetts AveMason CityRentalSingle Family12/3/2021
24 15th St SEMason CityRentalSingle Family12/19/2021