Lead Safe Housing Registry (Owner-Occupied Properties)

The Lead Safe Housing Registry Lists were developed to help agencies and families with young children to locate housing that has been made “lead safe”. The following properties were determined to be lead-safe following their participation in the Cerro Gordo County Lead Hazard Control Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development’s Office of Healthy Homes & Lead Hazard Control. This list does not mean the units listed are vacant or available at this time. If the property contains multiple units (i.e. duplex, triplex), other units at the given property that are not listed here, may not be lead-safe.

“Lead-safe” means that there was no deteriorated lead-based paint, no lead-contaminated dust, and no exposed lead-contaminated soil identified at the time of the lead evaluation. This does not mean the property is “lead-free” as lead-based paint or lead in the soil may remain. On-going lead safety requires the owner to safely maintain paint coatings and soil covering and to use lead-safe work practices in maintaining or repairing the unit. Prospective renters or buyers should check with the owner to see if these practices have been followed.

Cerro Gordo County makes no warranties as to the current condition of the property since the clearance testing date, also known as the “lead-safe date”, listed. Normal deterioration or activities of the owner, tenants, or others may have disturbed lead-based paint and contaminated the unit since the test date.  Please contact us at 641-421-9339 for more information about Cerro Gordo County Lead Hazard Control Program.


AddressCityDwelling TypeBuilding TypeLead-Safe Date 
425 3rd St SWMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family7/10/2017
730 9th St NEMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family6/30/2017
1312 N President AveMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family8/4/2017
421 25th St SWMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family9/7/2017
907 4th St SWMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family11/16/2017
1003 N Delaware AveMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family4/27/2018
825 S Tyler AveMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family2/27/2018
1219 S Carolina AveMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family3/21/2018
2031 S Wilson AveMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family3/29/2018
407 S Van Buren AveMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family8/29/2018
331 25th St SWMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family8/20/2018
103 S Tennessee AveMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family10/31/2018
105 15th St NEMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family11/28/2018
801 Main StThorntonOwner OccupiedSingle Family1/21/2019
23 23rd St SWMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family2/22/2019
1108 2nd Ave SClear LakeOwner OccupiedSingle Family4/8/2019
1452 N Jefferson AveMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family4/16/2019
1104 1st St SEMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family4/25/2019
210 6th Pl SEMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family5/14/2019
1315 10th St SEMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family5/9/2019
115 12th Pl NEMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family8/7/2019
715 1st StMeserveyOwner Occupied Single Family9/12/2019
403 8th St SEMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family3/31/2020
521 2nd St SRockwellOwner OccupiedSingle Family8/19/2020
1306 N Rhode Island AveMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family8/25/2020
53 Kentucky CtMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family9/3/2020
629 E State StMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family9/11/2020
111 12th Pl NEMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family10/15/2020
625 6th St SEMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family10/29/2020
212 15th St NWMason CityOwner OccupiedSingle Family1/15/2021