Air Quality | Cerro Gordo

Air Quality

The air we breathe, whether inside or outside, can enhance or hinder our quality of life. Although Iowa is a rural state, air quality is just as important as any other state.

Poor air quality indoors can be attributed to mold/mildew, tobacco smoke, lead based paint hazards, pet dander, asbestos, carbon monoxide, chemicals, poor air circulation, and many other contributing factors.air

Poor air quality outdoors can be natural or man-made. Natural occurrences such as volcanic eruptions, fires, dust, and wind all attribute to poor air quality. Man-made air pollution can come from a multitude of stationary and mobile sources. Stationary Sources include smoke stacks of power plants, manufacturing facilities (factories), and waste incinerators, as well as furnaces and other types of fuel-burning heating devices. Mobile sources include motor vehicles, marine vessels, and aircraft. Confined Animal Feeding Facilities or CAFO’s can also impact outdoor and indoor air quality. Click Here! for more information.

Outdoor air quality in Cerro Gordo County is handled by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). The IDNR provides the following air quality programming services in Cerro Gordo County:

  • Issue permits for the installation and operation of major sources to persons or companies emitting air contaminants.
  • Perform compliance inspections at industrial and commercial facilities.
  • Respond to outdoor air quality complaints, to include illegal open burning, fugitive dust, excessive emissions, and general air quality issues.
  • Maintain a network of continuous monitors for ambient air throughout the state of Iowa to measure compliance with that National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Click Here! for more information about the IDNR Air Quality Program in Cerro Gordo County.