Team Awareness

Workplace Prevention Training Program addressing behavioral risks associated with substance misuse.

Register your organization for Team Awareness Workplace Training.

  • Promote social health
  • Increase healthy communication among colleagues
  • Adjust attitudes toward misuse of alcohol and other substances
  • Expand peer referrals for support & help

Saturation Patrols

Law Enforcement places a concentrated effort on observing motor violations during times of the year operating under the influence may be more common. Upcoming Saturation Patrols include:
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Thanksgiving
  • New Year’s

Alcohol Outlet Density

Local Surveillance Dashboard (Coming Soon!)


In today’s society, drinking can be a part of life for many adults. It’s important to know how to drink responsibly and safely.
  • It’s OK to choose not to drink alcohol
  • Have a plan to get home safely
  • Alternate alcohol drinks with water drinks
  • One and done – drink only one drink
  • Eat before and while drinking
  • Avoid drinking games
  • Drink no more than 1 drink per hour
  • Limit the alcohol content in your drink

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