Strengthen Community Stakeholder & Coalition Collaboration

  • Join the North Iowa Addiction Prevention Alliance (NIAPA)
  • Cerro Gordo County Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATODs) Surveillance Dashboard - coming soon!
  • State of Iowa’s Substance Use Dashboard
  • Call to Action - learn how to contact your local law makers and educate them on sound policies supporting substance-free communities

Reduce substance use among youth by addressing factors that increase risk and promote factors that minimize risk of substance use.

  • Enroll your worksite in our monthly Parenting Toolkit - equipping parents with information and resources to prevent teen substance use
  • Talk. They Hear Podcast - listen to weekly podcasts covering a variety of substance use issues parents need to know about
  • Host a Substance Free Event - rent signage from NIAPA and display at your next substance free event. Help us create healthy places for teens and families to socialize without the need for alcohol or other drugs! (Graduation parties, tailgates, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, etc.)
  • Integrate prevention curriculum into your school! We have several prevention educators with evidence-based curriculums willing to offer their services in your school. Connect with us to choose the right programs for your students.
Students and Schools in Cerro Gordo County 6th Graders 8th Graders 11th Graders
Past 30 Day Use of Alcohol 3 % 10 % 17 %
Past 30 Day Use of E-Cigarettes 2 % 9 % 20 %
Past 30 Day Use of Marijuana 1 % 3% 10%
Past 30 Day Misuse of Prescription Medications 1% 5% 4%
Perception of Parental Disapproval of Alcohol 80% disapprove 89% disapprove 76% disapprove
Perception of Parental Disapproval of Cigarettes 89% disapprove 92% disapprove 90% disapprove
Perception of Parental Disapproval of Marijuana 92% disapprove 92% disapprove 78% disapprove
Perception of Parental Disapproval of Rx Misuse 92% disapprove 93% disapprove 93% disapprove

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