Board of Health Members in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa

Board of Health

The Cerro Gordo County Board of Health guides the policy and decisions of CG Public Health. Past and present board members have attributed to the great success of the organization. Their passion for protecting the health of our county provides the organization with a strong backbone of support. Members of the Board of Health are appointed by the Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors. The five-member Board volunteers to serve a three-year term. Board meetings take place at CG Public Health.

Jodi Draper – Chair

David Moore – Vice Chair

Lisa Koppin

Christ Watts

Dr. Tonya Gray



2022 Board of Health Agendas and Minutes

January 6th: agenda | minutes

January 21st (special session): agenda | minutes

2021 Board of Health Agendas and Minutes

January 21st: agenda | minutes

February 18th: agenda | minutes

April 22nd: agenda | minutes

June 17th: agenda | minutes

August 19th: agenda | minutes

October 21st: agenda | minutes

December 17th: agenda | minutes


2020 Board of Health Agendas and Minutes

January 24th: agenda | minutes

February 20th: agenda| minutes

March 17th: agenda | minutes

April 16th: agenda | minutes

May 7th: agenda | minutes

May 15th: agenda | minutes

June 18th: agenda | minutes

July 8th: agenda | minutes

August 20th: agenda | minutes

September 17th: agenda | minutes

October 1st: agenda | minutes

October 15th: agenda | minutes

December 17th: agenda | minutes


2019 Board of Health Agendas and Minutes

January 4th: agenda | minutes

January 25th: agenda | minutes

January 28th: agenda | minutes

February 1st: agenda | minutes

February 15th: agenda | minutes

March: agenda | minutes

April 26th: agenda | minutes

May 31st: agenda | minutes

July: No Meetings

August 8th: agenda | minutes

September 20th: agenda | minutes

October 11th: agenda | minutes

November 15th: agenda | minutes




Board Meeting Agendas Board Meeting Minutes 
January 2018January 2018
February 2018February 2018
March 2018March 2018
April 2018April 2018
May 2018May 2018
May 2018 (special meeting)May 2018 (special meeting)
June 2018June 2018June 2018
July 2018 (no meeting)July 2018 (no meeting)
August 2018August 2018 (meeting cancelled)
September 2018September 2018
October 2018October 2018
November 2018November 2018
December 2018December 2018
January 2017January Minutes
February 2017February 2017
March 2017March 2017
April 2017April 2017
May 2017May 2017
June 2017June 2017
July 2017 (no meeting)July 2017 (no meeting)
August 2017August 2017
September 2017September 2017
October 2017October 2017
November 2017 (no meeting)November 2017 (no meeting)
December 2017 (meeting postponed to January 5)December 2017 (no meeting)
January 2016January 2016
January 2016 (special meeting)January 2016 (special meeting)
February 2016February 2016
March 2016March 2016
April 2016April 2016
May 2016May 2016
June 2016June 2016
July 2016 (no meeting)July 2016 (no meeting)
August 2016August 2016
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