Workplace Wellness Awards

2017 Diamond Award Winner: 

  • Metalcraft, Inc.

Silver Award Level:

  • POET Biorefining
  • Cerro Gordo County
  • 3M
  • Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa
  • Kingland Systems
  • Henkel Construction
  • HK Payroll Services

Bronze Award Level:

  • Clear Lake Bank & Trust

Schedule your one-on-one or group nutrition consultation with our Public Health Dietitian, Katelyn Nicholson, today!

  • Individual Nutrition Consultation 
    • $40 for 1 hour   or   $25 for 30 minutes
  • Group Nutrition Consultation
    • 2+ people = $25 each





Worksite Wellness

Our Health Promotion staff offer a unique set of Employee Wellness services and resources to local businesses and organizations. Contact the Health Promotion staff at 641-421-9312 to learn how they can assist you in Worksite Wellness programming, or explore the many tools below.

Click Here! for a brochure of all of our Worksite Wellness Services!

  • Screening and Education Services for Employee Wellness Program:
    • Biometric Screenings
      • $30 Biometric Health Screening (Lipid panel, blood sugar, blood pressure)
      • On-site service; Instant results; Client education
    • Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
      • $30 Fitness Assessment (Cardio, strength, Body Composition Testing)
      • Exercise planning sessions: $30/session
      • Nutrition Consultation: $25-40/session
    • Health Education Classes on:
      • Food safety
      • Immunizations
      • Exercise
      • Nutrition
      • Tobacco Cessation
      • Chronic Diseases (Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
      • Environmental health safety
      • and much more!
    • Quarterly Wellness Newsletter
  • Tobacco Free Worksites
    • Cigarette smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death in the United States
    • Cigarette smoking is responsible for about one out of every five deaths
    • An American Productivity Audit found that tobacco use was a leading cause of worker lost production time…more than alcohol abuse or family emergencies

    Research continues to show the benefits of smoke-free and tobacco-free worksite policies:

    • Increased quit rates
    • Reduced daily cigarette consumption among continuing smokers
    • Reduced risks of chronic diseases associated with tobacco use (and related health care costs)
    • Demostrates consistent pro-health message
    • Projects positive image for worksite

    In addition, smoke-free and tobacco-free worksites policies protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke.

    Steps to Adopting a Tobacco-Free Policy:

    1. Assess needs and interests
    2. Plan and draft policyWe can also offer the Freedom From Smoking course in your workplace!
    3. Host a Freedom From Smoking clinic in your workplace for FREE!

    Contact Penny for assistance in adopting, promoting and enforcing Smoke-Free or Tobacco-Free policies in your worksite, 641-421-9329 or pmccaslin@cghealth.com


    L.E.A.N. Workshops (Lifestyle, Exercise, And Nutrition)

    L.E.A.N. Start Workshops are designed to teach healthy lifestyle skills to families and caregivers of young children.

    • Session 1: Traffic Light Eating
    • Session 2: Fuels for Growing (Fat, Carbs, Protein, Water)
    • Session 3: Play and Grow

    L.E.A.N. Essential Workshop is a 2-hour condensed nutrition workshop featuring highlights from the L.E.A.N. Start series.

    L.E.A.N. Expectations Workshop is a 2-hour workshop designed for expecting and new mothers, equipping them with skills and resources to enjoy a healthy lifestyle during and after pregnancy.

    LET’S MOVE! Healthy Strategies Workshops are 2-hour workshops built for childcare providers, equipping participants with strategies to improve the childcare environment to foster healthy growing and development of children.

    • Better Nutrition
    • More Physical Activity
    • Reduced Screen Time
    • Accommodating Breastfed Babies

    To schedule a workshop for your family, childcare staff, or group, please contact Kelli at 641-421-9312 or khuinker@cghealth.com. (Most classes are FREE of charge.)