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Youth Tobacco Prevention

Is you Child Care Center or Home Nicotine-Free?
Caring for Our Children National Health and Safety Performance Standard Guidelines (CFOC) recommend implementing a comprehensive tobacco and nicotine-free policy. This policy prohibits the use of all tobacco products, electornic smoking devices and other nicotine products no approved by the FDA for cessation. It applies at all times and covers the entire child care property. It applies to staff, visitors, business vehicles, and addresses enforcement. A comprehensive policy goes above DHS guidelines and Iowa’s Smoke Free Air Act.

How do I implement a policy?
– Connect with your local Community Partnership for help! Call Penny McCaslin at 641-421-9329 or
– Develop a clear, comprehensive policy.
– Take advantage of FREE teaching assistance.
– Use this IDPH approved policy available at
– Set a date for when the policy will go into effect.
– Notify staff, parents, and caregivers of the new or updated policy.
– Post appropriate signs to help with enforcement.
– Find out if you qualify for FREE signage!
– Enforce the policy at all times and determine steps to address violations.

Who Can Help?
Resources are available to simplify the process for you whether you are a preschool, child care facility, or home. Join the growing list of providers that have committed to providing a tobacco and nicotine-free environment. For more information, on how you can implement or update your current policy, contact the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health at 641-421-9300.


For more information contact Penny  at 641-421-9329 or

Childcare Provider and Preschool Tobacco Prevention Packets



Partnership for a Tobacco Free Cerro Gordo County

The Partnership for a Tobacco Free Cerro Gordo County is a unique partnership of community members, organizations, school officials, law enforcement and youth who work to promote activities that discourage tobacco use, while supporting tobacco-free environments. The Community Partnership grant is funded by Iowa Department of Public Health.

The Partnership for a Tobacco Free Cerro Gordo County’s mission is to…

  • Provide education on health risks associated with tobacco use
  • Advocate for tobacco-free environments
  • Promote tobacco cessation resources

Click Here! to view our strategic plan.

Partnership members consist of:

  • Penny McCaslin, Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health
  • Kelli Huinker, Cerro Gordo County Department of Public HealthPartnership
  • Kara Ruge, Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health
  • Amy Ring, Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare
  • Dave Ciccetti, Mason City Community Schools
  • Steve Lovik, American Cancer Society
  • Penny M. Bennett, Mason City Recreation Department
  • Angela Determan, Blue Zones Project – Mason City
  • Liz Conley, Mason City YMCA & Rehabilitation Center
  • Carla Miller, North Iowa Community Action Family Health Center
  • Josh Rueter, Mason City Community Schools – Health Teacher
  • Carolyn Sunde, Winnebago Relay for Life
  • Linda Webner, Relay for Life – CAN
  • Heather Jacobs – Mason City Youth Task Force
  • Robin Retterath – Mercy Medical Center North Iowa
  • Debbie Abben – Mercy Medical Center North Iowa
  • Renae Aukes – Hy-Vee Drugstore
  • Pharmacist – Hy-Vee Drugstore
  • Traci Grady – North Iowa Transition Center
  • Eva Gutierrez – Mason City High School, iJAG

If you are interested in joining the Partnership for a Tobacco Free Cerro Gordo County, please contact Penny at 641-421-9329 or


Partnership for a Tobacco Free Cerro Gordo County Meeting Minutes

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