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To report diseases immediately, please contact:
Iowa Department of Public Health: 800-362-2736
Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health: 641-421-9300
For a complete list of reportable diseases/conditions, Click Here!

Alyse DeVries Public Health Strategist 641-421-9328 adevries@cghealth.com
Andrea Turnbull RN 641-421-9314 aturnbull@cghealth.com
Bethany Bjorklund Immunization Nurse 641-421-9322 bbjorklund@cghealth.com
Betty Krones Disease Prevention Specialist 641-421-9320 bkrones@cghealth.com
Brian Hanft Environmental Health Service Manager 641-421-9340 bhanft@cghealth.com
Cathy Gomez Administration & Finance Service Manager 641-421-9304 cgomez@cghealth.com
Dan Ries Senior Environmental Health Specialist 641-421-9338 dries@cghealth.com
Darla Smith RN 641-421-9330 dasmith@cghealth.com
Deanna Loeschen HCA Administrative Aide 641-421-9332 dloeschen@cghealth.com
Diane Smith Customer Service Assistant 641-421-9300 dsmith@cghealth.com
Dixie Fullerton Environmental Health Specialist I 641-421-9335 dfullerton@cghealth.com
Jenna Willems HUD Program Manager & Healthy Homes Program Coordinator 641-421-9339 jwillems@cghealth.com
Jennifer Stiles Infectious Disease Nurse 641-421-9359 jstiles@cghealth.com
Jodi Willemsen Acute Infectious Disease, Epidemiology, & Preparedness Service Manager 641-421-9327 jwillemsen@cghealth.com
Kara Morel Environmental Health Specialist I 641-421-9308 kmorel@cghealth.com
Kara Ruge Marketing & Public Information Officer 641-421-9333 kruge@cghealth.com
Kara Vogelson Organizational Development & Research Manager 641-421-9343 kvogelson@cghealth.com
Karen Crimmings Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Service Manager 641-421-9323 kcrimmings@cghealth.com
Katelyn Nicholson Public Health Dietitian 641-421-9342 knicholson@cghealth.com
Kelli Huinker Health Promotion Manager 641-421-9312 khuinker@cghealth.com
Krista Hemann RN 641-421-9311 khemann@cghealth.com
Linda Read Family & Community Health Service Manager 641-421-9310 lread@cghealth.com
Lisa Losen Home Care Aide Manager 641-421-9319 llosen@cghealth.com
Marcy Strasheim Administrative Operations & Business Support Assistant 641-421-9341 mstrasheim@cghealth.com
Mark Mathre Environmental Health Specialist I 641-421-9337 mmathre@cghealth.com
Patti Lahr Finance Billing Administrator 641-421-9326 plahr@cghealth.com
Penny McCaslin Tobacco Program Coordinator 641-421-9329 pmccaslin@cghealth.com
Ron Osterholm Health Director 641-421-9306 rosterholm@cghealth.com
Ryan Stephen Information Technology Manager 641-421-9305 rstephen@cghealth.com
Sandy Pals Disease Prevention Administrative Aide 641-421-9324 spals@cghealth.com
Shirley Stephen Chronic Disease Nurse 641-421-9316 sstephen@cghealth.com
Sophia Walsh Environmental Health Specialist I 641-421-9318 swalsh@cghealth.com
Staci Andrea Nursing & Patient Care Support Assistant 641-421-9302 sandrea@cghealth.com
Tammy Gerken RN 641-421-9313 tgerken@cghealth.com
Valerie Conklin RN 641-421-9317 vconklin@cghealth.com

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